Zurmo Tip: Power up your searches in Zurmo


This is the first in a series of tips we’ll be blogging for users of our favourite gamified CRM system Zurmo.

Move over Google. With Zurmo‘s handy feature, searching for contacts just got a whole lot easier.

For example, if you wanted to search for a contact, normally you would need to put the whole name in the contact search bar. If you wanted to find me, you would need to search for “Tincknell”. But what if you couldn’t remember the whole of the name? It is an unusual name. Maybe you could only remember that it ended with “nell”. You wouldn’t be able to find me, and who knows what problems that could lead to.


Luckily this can be easily remedied by using this neat Zurmo feature. By simply putting “%” before searching for the part of the name you can remember, it will search all contacts that have the bit you searched for in the name. 


Why not give it a go yourself, it’s surprisingly fun. We’ve used contacts, but it can be used for any type of search! We hope this will make your Zurmo experience even more enjoyable.

About the author 

Keith Tincknell

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