Why gamification is vital for the new generation


The future is looking bright for Zurmo, our Gamified CRM solution. As the younger generation slowly replaces the older generation of business executives, the older generation of applications will be subject to change as well. As the new generation has grown up with a much stronger affinity for games and game mechanics, gamified systems will resonate with the new crop of business leaders that are looking for applications that stimulate usage and increase adoption.

When 97% of Americans between the age of 12-17 play video games, it’s safe to say that it will have an impact on how business is run in the future. Although humans have always played games, the new generation of workers have extensive experience in digital games. This is why gamifying digital applications is so important, and why Gartner predicts that before 2015 70% of businesses will use some kind of gamification system.

Zurmo is poised to lead the CRM industry in gamification at the beginning of this year, and the next phase of its CRM gamification is set to introduce two new features:

Firstly, users will now be able to personalise the game items to incorporate their own style into the system, by being able to create their own badges and collection items. This will be really useful for businesses to inject their individual culture into the CRM and make it more engaging for everyone, as some of the preset badges might not motivate people in certain industries the same way as others.badge They have kept along the personalisation theme with the update to the reward system as well. By partnering with Tango, workers (or players), will be able to use their in-game points for real-life rewards that relate to them, such as gift vouchers, further improving their motivation. No more “dinner with the boss”, which obviously is everyone’s idea of a good time.


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