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Withheld Calls Now Blocked


Just a quick note for our customers. We have been receiving higher and higher numbers of spam and telesales calls particularly from callers who withhold their number. We have therefore implemented a system to filter out these calls. If you are calling us from a line where your number is Withheld your call will be diverted away from us. Now, we do have a few customers who use Withheld numbers for their general work (Recruitment organisations mainly) and for these we have provided a PIN which they can enter and still get through to us. If you are one of our customers and require a PIN to get through to us please email us or call from a non-withheld number to request this.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused to our customers but this should help improve our overall service levels.

P.S. If you want this level of service from your telephone supplier please let us know and we’ll be happy to introduce you to ours.

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