We ‘see’ an easier way to do business on the move with Project Glass


Glasses have fast been making a comeback in the fashion world and it seems that even the geeks at Google are bang on trend. With the announcement made earlier this year about their augmented reality glasses, there has been much speculation as to how they will work and if they are as revolutionary as they seem.

The project known as ‘Project Glass’ is currently being worked on in the very secretive Google X lab. Using Android technology and a built in camera it ‘augments’ your reality to show you information relating to your surroundings. Imagine walking to the tube station to find it’s closed. The glasses will immediately lay out an alternative route right in front of your eyes. Amazing if you’re running late for a meeting.

Rather than a smartphone it is really is an ‘eye’ phone controlled solely by eye movements and voice activation. This obviously poses an abundance of advantages for personal use but more importantly it will facilitate easier business.

You wake up and while drinking your morning coffee you can check your day’s schedule right in front of your eyes. This is multi-tasking at its best even for the average business person.

At any time of the day receive emails and text messages straight to your eyes. This way you will never miss an important message again and you can even reply by simply talking as though you are having a conversation. This is a great advantage if you don’t mind walking through the streets seemingly talking to yourself, wearing terminator style head gear. However, it definitely beats walking into people or even lamp posts as you desperately try to text or write back whilst on the go.

Seems too good to be true? Well this next advantage is truly the cherry on the top. Business inevitably involves networking and meeting a lot of people and if you are like me, (which is rubbish with remembering names) next time you are stuck simply scan your contacts list and using facial recognition you will appear to remember that clients name. Brilliant!

Apart from personally helping you in business these glasses pose a genius opportunity for advertising and marketing of your company. As mentioned before, the glasses recognise your surroundings and Google will send adverts relevant to what you are walking past. Great if your office/place of business is nearby.

Posters and other outdoor advertising could prove invaluable ways for businesses both locally and nationally to advertise. Your glasses will direct you to the company site or in the case of an advertised event you can make a note of it in your diary hands free.

Though smartphones already allow social interaction at the click of a button, now imagine doing it by a nod of the head. Enabling check-ins and photo uploads to be done faster and boosting your businesses profile all over the world in a matter of seconds!

Whatever your thoughts about Google’s Project Glass it is without a doubt an amazing concept which, if implemented as it is currently suggested, could change the way we live and the way we do business.

About the author 

Pete Baikins

Pete Baikins is an international authority on gamification, a lifelong gamer, successful entrepreneur and a lecturer. As CEO of Gamification+ Ltd he mentors and trains companies world-wide on the use of gamification to solve business challenges. Gamification+ won the Board of Trade Award from the UK's Department of International Trade in January 2019.

Pete is co-host of the health gamification podcast Health Points and is also Chair of Gamification Europe, the annual conference for Gamification practitioners.

Pete is an Honorary Ambassador for GamFed (International Gamification Confederation), having previously been the Chair from 2014 to February 2019, whose aim is to spread best practices within and support the gamification industry.

After 15 years as a Lecturer on gamification and entrepreneurship at the University of Brighton he now guest lectures on Gamification at King’s College London and at ESCP Europe at post-graduate and under-graduate levels.

Over the past 20 years Pete has built and sold two businesses. One was in security software and the more recent one was a telecoms and internet connectivity business. He is also an Ambassador for Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

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