Twitter #gamificationhour Number Three


The third gamification twitter hour, using the #gamificationhour happened on the 28/06/2016. It was created to debate the size of the gamification market. In this twitter hour we introduced statistics that showed the size of the gamification market. However, many figures in relation to the size of the market were outdated by up to five years. Because of this, we were trying to focus more on peoples perception of the size of the market, and where they thought gamification would go in the future. We did this by asking the following questions: 

What countries are beginning to adopt #gamification? What are your experiences in them? #GamificationHour

How many gamification projects have you done for companies? Is this representative of the market? #GamificationHour

How many times have you spoken at events or taught #gamification? #GamificationHour

How much do you think VR will influence #gamification? #GamificationHour

But the question we started on was this:

If you would like to see the full debate, just seach on twitter #gamificationhour.

About the author 

Shane Fumagall

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