Turn your business into a game for better productivity

Sometimes life seems like it’s all work and no play which can have our stress levels soaring by the end of the week. What if you could turn your day’s work in to a game, see how well you are doing and how well your company is doing? Firstly, by competing against yourself, learning how to achieve the objects of the game and rising up the skill levels. Then, perhaps, even compete against your colleagues to achieve higher scores?

This could be a natural way to focus your staff on just the tasks they need to be doing, increasing productivity all the time. Perhaps even a good way to work towards a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)?

Sounds more fun to us too.

Efficy CRM has a feature called ‘HighCharts’ which allows you to create charts based on data in your Efficy CRM database. You can decide which processes you want to see. An easy one would be to see a ‘sales report’ and the widget will appear in your dashboard showing you your, or the company’s or everyone’s sales results. If you can see your sales against the company as a whole’s sales then you can instantly see how well you are contributing to the success of the company. What impact are you having on your company?

HighCharts sales report

HighCharts sales report

We’d recommend a careful examination of how you’d want to use this feature in your organisation. It has the potential to be highly embarrassing if your sales are significantly lower than your colleagues, but what better way to motivate you and give you that extra incentive to really perform? After all, we all need that extra push on a Monday morning and a sales competition would make things more interesting.

This feature doesn’t just have to be used for comparing sales results. Any computer based role should be easy to work with:

  • How well are you handling customer enquiries: speed, relevance, politeness?
  • How fast are you turning around and solving technical support issues or complaints?
  • How many invoices have you sent out? How many have been queried? Is company cash-flow improving?
  • How many articles have you written for the website? How much of the website traffic visits your pages?

Forget bonuses and commission, people want to know whether they are any good at what they do and whether they make a difference. Some want to know how they match up against others. It is human nature to compare and then make ourselves better and in doing so productivity at work will increase. Fun and practical, brilliant!

Ok, so it might not be as relaxing as playing your favourite console game but improvement, going up levels and winning always feels good. It should also mean easier recognition at work for your work and your effort has not been wasted or ignored. And you never know, Efficy might introduce coin collection and computerized versions of ourselves jumping through hoops, now that would be fun!

Overall Efficy HighCharts will increase your productivity at work and create a more driven, happier you.