Tip: Personalising Zurmo CRM to each user


Zurmo Custom Theme

In gamification terms one of the motivators or fun factors that people enjoy is ‘customising’. It may be as simple as changing the screensaver on your PC or changing the background photo on your phone. Whatever you’ve customised to your preferences has made you more attached to the object or software that has been changed. Indeed you will now prefer to use this personalised site over and above any alternatives.

So how do we use customisation in Zurmo CRM to encourage our users to take ownership and use the software more?

Firstly, we can create an overall custom colour theme, perhaps to match our company branding, as covered in this article http://www.e-advantagesolutions.co.uk/crm/customise-themes-zurmo/ where my colleague Ross attempts to force the whole company to support his football team.

That is a good start, but still not personal enough. So Zurmo enables each user to further customise the colour scheme and even the visual textures being used throughout the system just for them. Of course, being a gamified CRM, some of these custom options are only unlocked for you to use after you’ve played the game enough to go up a few levels. Here are some of the options available to you (click on the image to zoom in and out):

Zurmo Custom Theme

You get to the screen to edit these settings by clicking on your username in Zurmo (top right), then clicking ‘My Profile’, then hover over the ‘Configuration’ button and click ‘General’. Make your changes and click save. Voila, your CRM is now so much more you.

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