by Ross 

Time flies when you’re having fun as an apprentice


Wow. 6 months as an apprentice at e-Advantage Solutions. Pete and I were saying at our monthly meeting this week how quickly the time has gone. I couldn’t believe it has been six months of me working for e-Advantage Solutions already.

Everything has gone really well. I’ve learnt so much to do with all our services we provide, and my ability and my confidence has grown loads.

The main roles in which I’ve being developing my skills include email hosting, VoIP, Efficy and website creation. I’ve been creating email accounts through our email hosting platform and then helping a few of our clients to set up their email accounts such as IMAP, POP3 and Microsoft Exchange. This has been in MS Outlook and even on mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberrys.

I’ve been setting up VoIP systems. This could be a phone system from scratch for a new client, or setting up additional VoIP phones and tweaking settings to how existing clients want their VoIP call flow to work.

I’ve been setting up Efficy CRM systems. I’ve been helping our clients log in to Efficy by tweaking the settings of their web browser configuration and setting up the Efficy Sidebar and MS Office Integration.

I’ve also been creating websites for our clients by using WordPress, and frequently editing sites where the clients wanted some updates and new widgets. I feel my WordPress skills have developed a lot since I started here.

As well as the day to day work, I’ve been progressing well with my NVQ. This is going to be a nice qualification to add to my other work related qualification which I have achieved since working at e-Advantage Solutions (which is the Gradwell Approved Professional Certificate).

I’ve had some lovely compliments from our clients over the last 6 months which has been really nice. Pete is always to happy to see me get compliments.

I’m enjoying coming to work and feel myself and Pete have got a great way of working collaboratively. Outside of work we get on well as well, we have a laugh and tell a few bad jokes.

Pete has said that he is keeping me on when I finish my Apprenticeship, which I’m absolutely delighted about. I’m looking forward to being a part of the on-going progression of the company.


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