The Outlook is good for Zurmo

Zurmo have recently announced their latest initiative and it’s one that brings with it a huge array of benefits. You may have guessed by the title, but Zurmo now has full integration between both Outlook and Exchange.

Cropped upload senThis new plug-in for Zurmo allows you to archive emails from Outlook to CRM. Imagine you have just sent an email in Outlook to one of your contacts in Zurmo, all you have to do for this email to be associated with their Zurmo account is to click “Upload and Send” in Outlook.

Another great feature of the new plugin is that any contact changes in either Zurmo or Outlook will sync automatically to the other. If you have changed someone’s address, contact number, email address or any other contact information in Zurmo then it will also change that for you in Outlook. No longer will you have to worry about switching between the two and ensuring all fields are up to date in both.

ZurmoThe calendars in your Zurmo and Outlook can also talk to each other. If like most people, you use multiple systems, then its always handy if they all know what you’re meant to be doing. With the new plug-in if you create an event in your Outlook or Zurmo calendar then, just like with contacts, they can both be automatically updated. This means you will never double book your busy schedule and won’t have to worry about keeping on top of two calendars.

Finally, the same concept works with tasks. If you read an email in Outlook and realise it requires you to do something in a few weeks it’s always good to set yourself a task. Any tasks created in Zurmo or Outlook will automatically sync up, ensuring you don’t forget anything you’ve planned to do.

If you would like some more information on Zurmo then please call us on 01273 35800, alternatively you can request a free trial and we will get in touch with you.


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