The Joy of Business Case Study- Simple website update leads to emergency rescue

The Joy of Business WebsiteCompany Profile

The Joy of Business is a Brighton based company started by Julia Chanteray nine years ago. It specialises in supporting and advising smaller businesses who want to grow into bigger businesses.  The Joy of Business offers business planning and help with raising investment and finance as well as helping with those important decisions in your business.

Business Situation

Julia kept her website and blog for The Joy of Business separate. The blog had been added later but looked different from the main site. She wanted the blog to look and feel the same as the website so her clients and potential customers were familiar with the two.  Her business is about helping and advising small businesses and therefore the issues Julia blogs about are relevant to her clients and the overall business objective.

Technical Situation

The blog was already created in WordPress but the theme needed updating and there were quite a few changes to widgets and sidebars to make. Once we had started on this simple task an issue with Julia’s main site cropped up. Her web hosts had updated the software platform the site ran on and it broke the website completely, with pages not working and only showing some of the text, with with no layout or branding.


In this case there were two solutions as what started as a simple update turned into an emergency rescue.

For the original update of the blog and the website Julia briefed three different providers and chose e-Advantage as she saw us as ‘more fit for purpose’  and we were able to deliver faster than others and at a reasonable price.

When we noticed that the main site was broken we immediately contacted the original web designers to see if they would fix the website, however they said they didn’t have the time to fix it. We then contacted Julia and informed her as to what happened and with an idea or two of how we could help, and fast.


We copied all the content from the main website and merged it into the updated blog. In other words, we integrated the two together. Julia’s requirements were met as we made the blog look like the main site (in its working condition) and she was ‘pleased with how the two were integrated’. We managed to fix the problems with the functioning of the site as we copied everything over to WordPress which also gave Julia the added benefits of being able to update and control the site and blog herself more easily as WordPress is easier to use.


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