The Gamification Awards

​The Gamification Awards

In addition to Gamification Europe we also run The Gamification Awards. The Gamification Awards are the global awards for gamification. We celebrate the leading examples of gamification practitioners' projects and applications each year. ​

​Have you met GameBot? We've become quite attached. GameBot is our virtual assistant who is a key player in making the awards happen. We like GameBot so much, you may see them peering around on occasion...

​Why does Gamification+ run 

The ​Gamification Awards?

We're very big on community here at Gamification+. When we started to run Gamification Europe, we quickly realised that there were DOZENS of brilliant gamification projects and practitioners that weren't being recognised for their work.

We decided to change that.

In 2017 we organised the Outstanding Gamification Awards alongside Gamification Europe to bring awareness to the amazing emerging uses of gamification in the world.

Handing over an award.

​​Why have the awards changed? 🤔

Until now, The Gamification Awards have occurred simultaneous to Gamification Europe. In 2017, we ran the first edition of the awards in Brighton with our partners providing the judging services. In 2018, we ran the second edition in Amersham with our partners ChainCubed providing a secure judging platform.

Because both events were running at the same time, our team were essentially running two full-time businesses at the same time.

We took the executive decision to split the awards from the conference. The conference will run as usual (it's in Berlin this year! Check out the website if you haven't yet: Gamification Europe). The awards will now be taking place remotely on our own platform. We're handpicking the judges, sponsors and our partners for the event as we speak. We look forward to being able to share our learning with you.

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​​Why ​take part?

​​Want to be involved? That's awesome! We've included some ways you can get involved below.

​Enter the awards

  • ​​Be recognised for you or your teams hard work and determination
  • ​Be on level with the best in your field
  • ​​Boost your profits - winners enjoy bigger sales growth

​Sponsor the Awards

  • ​Become a sole sponsor of an award in your area of expertise
  • Potential of new business leads and access to a database of participants
  • Opportunity to support excellence worldwide

​Judge the Awards

  • ​Become ​established in your industry as a leader
  • ​Maximise your PR potential - being a judge is a great achievement
  • ​Discover the latest and exciting initiatives in your field

​Want to be involved in another way?

​Let us know! We're keen to hear any ideas you have so that we can make The Gamification Awards better and better.

Send enquiries to [email protected].