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Tender Winner is a Brighton and Hove based company founded by Julia Chanteray in 2011. It specialises in securing tenders for small businesses by aiding in both the search process and the bidding.

Business situation

As a new company Julia needed a website built from scratch to market Tender Winner and to gain clients. The key challenge faced by Tender Winner is the competitive nature of its industry. Therefore it was crucial that the website was clear on services provided in order to differentiate themselves.

Technical situation

Julia was very specific with her requirements. She wanted a website built using WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System). This would then be easy for her to update herself and would integrate customer interaction and support.


She got the website designed by a local team of designers, however they didn’t want to build the site as well. This led her to look elsewhere for website building services. Fortunately, Julia’s search led her to e-Advantage Solutions, as she has worked with us before and “trusted Pete to deliver a site fit for purpose”.

Julia specified very clearly what she wanted on every page and how she wanted it to look. This specification was great for us as we had clear guidance on how to meet Julia’s requirements and maximise Tender Winner’s visibility.


We built a website powered by WordPress, filled it with Tender Winner’s content and applied the design given to us. The deadline for completion was met and Tender Winner had a fully functional website which met all the requirements. Julia was happy with the results: “I am impressed with how they dealt with the technicalities of the website to ensure everything ran smoothly”.

Furthermore, the original design was not compromised and the true potential of the site could be achieved. The designers themselves said they were “impressed with the interpretation of their design” (Emma Nicol, Director, Door 22) and indeed they asked e-Advantage to quote to build their own new website.

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