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How games and gamification can help you create healthy habits for physical activity at home

Guest post by Violeta Ivanova, BSc Physiotherapy at SAMK, Finland Have you ever tried to build or change a lifestyle habit? It’s incredibly hard, takes a long time and dedication. This is not always taken into consideration when healthcare professionals recommend exercise to patients. Movement is healthy, but it doesn’t have to be limited to […]

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Guest Blog Post by TechnoloJen

Injury Recovery: How Gamification Is Helping Patients RecoverThere are a bevy of injury recovery modalities being used today, and one, in particular, looks to be promising. This relatively recent means of injury recovery is gamification, which has been shown to have a “positive impact for health and well-being related interventions” based on a literature review […]

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What happened at Gamification Europe 2017 – Day 2

Stories and backstage from the international gamification conference of 2017Written by Vasilis Gkogkidis Gamification Europe 2018! Time to talk about day 2 of Gamification Europe! Day 2 was also stuffed with loads of great talks, panels and a fantastic workshop. So let’s start!Melinda JacobsMelinda Jacobs joined us on day 2 to share her experience and […]

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Gamification Project Design Framework

Introduction Today I will talk about something different. First of all, you should take a look at our consultancy page https://gamificationplus.uk/gamification-consultancy/. There is a new button that prompts you to play a game in order to get a copy of our gamification project design framework. That’s the subject of this blog post, the new framework we designed with […]

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