Pete Jenkins – Speaking on Gamification

Pete Jenkins and Vasilis Gkogkidis of GAMIFICATION+ are  regular speakers on gamification. They can give an overview of gamification and its business benefits, or help with more specific themes such as gamification for HR and how to gamify sales & marketing.

Companies, conferences and business groups have welcomed Pete to be a keynote speaker on gamification, to run or be a panelist on webinars, to chair conference days and facilitate panel sessions.

For Vasilis speaking page please click here


Loving this session on #gamification #cseventt42 some great examples and tips to put into practice

Nick Bush

@petejenkins really enjoyed your talk this afternoon! Hoping to put some of it to good use!! Thanks! #Employeeengagement #gamification

Sophie Cipriano

Another great speech from @petejenkins #GWC16 #smallgamification

Sergio Gómez Estefan

Great talk by @petejenkins about small and affordable #Gamification and sharing great tools to use #GWC16

Ahmed Hossam

Really enjoying @petejenkins talk about gamification. Real food for thought! #RMGTower42

Dina Vekaria

A fun chemistry lesson from @petejenkins #gamification #wave17summit

Claire Georghiades

The most practical talk of the day by @petejenkins on Small Gamification.For co's with tiny resources but big heart…

Gurpreet Bajaj

What a fascinating evening @brightonchamber #future #business #tech Thank you to amazing speakers & fab host @petejenkins


Really cool talk on gamification at the #greengrowth17 conference. @gamifiplus @petejenkins even has a mini game on…

Tom Greenwood

#GWC16 Such an inspiring speech about #smallgamification everyone can afford by @petejenkins

Artax Games

@petejenkins great listening to you today! ☺ Wish my partner @damiankeyes could have been there to hear yo!

Dionne Slater

And jolly good it was too Pete!


Amazing talk by @petejenkins about #gamification and #bigdata at #gts17

Alireza R Shourabi

@petejenkins gamified business card! #GWC16 loved it!!!

Daniela Fernandez

Oxytocin levels are flowing in T42 #CSeventT42 @petejenkins ?


Upcoming speaker engagements

Past speaker engagements:

Chair at Gamification Europe 2017 (Brighton, November 2017) "The Hero's Journey"

Keynote speaker at Wave 2017 (London, November 2017) "Gamification: how to motivate brand advocates"

Keynote speaker at Gamification Turkey (Istanbul, November 2017) "Mastering the Game - Big Data and Gamification"

Speaker at Learning Network 2017 (Romania, September 2017) 

Keynote Speaker  at CIPD Sussex (Brighton, July 2017)

Keynote Speaker  at Future Zone Summit (Cologne, June 2017)

Keynote Speaker  at ESCP Europe (London, May 2017)

Keynote Speaker  at Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce (Brighton, March 2017)

Keynote Speaker  at REACTOR's Big Games Challenge (Cambridge, March 2017)

Keynote Speaker and Masterclass at Dossier Forum (Oslo, January 2017)

International Speaker on Gamification at DigiHR Conference (Athens, November 2016)

Speaker at GWC16 Gamification World Conference (Madrid, October 2016)

International Speaker on HR Gamification held at Digital HR Conference (Serbia, June 2016)

Keynote at Learning Technologies Conference (London, February 2016) - Gamification at large and in learning

Panelist at Learning Technologies Conference (London, February 2016) - Instructional Design Is Dead

Keynote at British Council SIEM (Edinburgh, December 2015) - Subtle engagement and outright fun

Speaker at Gamification World Congress (Barcelona, November 2015) - Can a gamified CRM really be fun to use?