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Pete is the ideal boost

Whether you want to start, or to close your event, Pete is the ideal boost to get your audience in the right mindset in an (inter)active way.

A very experienced and talented speaker

A natural Chair with extremely developed social skills, a great tone of voice and mimics, a very strong, charismatic and passionate approach, the right touch of humour and professionalism, a very experienced and talented speaker.

Pete Jenkins - Speaking 

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Leader of the award winning gamification consultancy, Gamification+, Pete Jenkins has made it his life mission to engage and empower businesses using the power of games. Pete became a pioneer in the industry in 2013 and quickly became a leading expert in its application to business, HR and marketing. In 2014 Pete took the top spot on the rise.global Gamification Guru's Power 100. In 2017 he began Gamification Europe, the premier international gamification conference.


The following video is from Learning Technologies 2017 in London, focusing on gamification as a future technology, where he talked about gamification and how to use it in learning environments.

Speaking at Gamification Turkey Summit 2017 on big data.

Pete's story

Pete has been a successful entrepreneur for almost 20 years. Originally a CRM systems supplier, he quickly realised that the tools he provided were not being used effectively. Enter gamification for CRM systems and Kevin Werbach's online gamification course. In 2013 the business model was revamped and Gamification+ now focuses on bringing the power of gamification to business.

Pete has taken a diverse approach when bringing his knowledge about gamification to the world. He has given talks at conferences; delivered both off-the-shelf and bespoke gamification solutions; he has delivered training and workshops; researched and presented thought leadership in gamification; taught and guest lectured at universities (Brighton, King's College London and ESCP Europe) and has participated in many discussion panels in events all over the world. He has been on the Professor Game podcast multiple times and has also had guest appearances on many other podcasts. He was the guest on a 1 hour long live television talk-show (with live call-in questions) in 2017.

Pete launched the, now globally renowned, conference Gamification Europe in 2017.  The first event in Brighton UK was a great success and its recent Amsterdam edition boasted attendees from 35 countries. Gamification Europe's aim is to spread best practices and knowledge around the gamification community.

Upcoming Speaker Engagements

Past Speaker Engagements

Webinar Host for Leeds Business School

Chair for Gamification Europe (December 2019)

Speaker at CHI Play 2019 (Barcelona, October 2019)

Speaker at NetXP at South of England Showground (UK, September 2019)

Speaker at NetXP at South of England Showground (UK, September 2019)

Course Trainer, Revolutionise Marketing with Gamification (Bengaluru, India, August 2019)

Clinic host at The Projects gamification drop-in clinic (Brighton, UK, July 2019)

Course Trainer for Applied Gamification in HR and L&D (Dubai, July 2019)

 Course Trainer for Applied Gamification for L&D (Lebanon, July 2019)

Speaking at ACCA Sussex Network (Sussex, July 2019)

Speaking at Singapore Trade Mission (Singapore, July 2019)

Keynote Speaker for Efficy (Brussels, 25 April 2019)

Speaker at Cambridge Wireless UX (Cambridge, UK, June 2019)

Course Trainer for Gamification in HR (Bucharest, June 2019)  

Course Trainer for Gamification in Business (Cairo, June 2019)

Course Trainer for Gamification in Marketing (Prague, May 2019)

Course Trainer at Revolutionise Marketing with Gamification        (Singapore, May 2019)

Speaker at Gamification for Financial Services (Singapore, May 2019)

In-house trainer for Gamification (Cairo, April 2019)

Speaker for Brighton Chamber (February 2019)

 Guest Lecturer on Gamification for HR at Kings College London (Februrary, 2019)

Speaker at Action Asia (Brighton, January 2019) "Exporting Journey" and "Gamified Motivation"

Speaker at ESPC Europe (London, November, 2018)

Course Trainer on Gamification for L&D  (Delhi, December, 2018)

Chair of Gamification Europe Conference (Amsterdam, November 2018)

 Speaker at Brave New World (Brighton, October, 2018)

Speaker at the Brighton Summit (Brighton, October 2018) "The Lego® Serious Play® Challenge: 3D modelling to evoke new ideas"

Masterclass for ESCP Europe (London, July 2018) "Gamification in Marketing"

Chair for Gamification Europe Masterclasses (London, June 2018) "Gamification"

Masterclass for Learning Network (Bucharest, June 2018) "Redefining Business Through Gamification"

Mentor for Reactor Big Gamification Pitch (Cambridge, May 2018) "Gamification"

Keynote speaker for ChangSchoolTalks (Toronto, May 2018) "Big Data and Gamification: A formula for engagement success in the future"

Mentor Reactor Concept Development Workshop (Peterborough, April 2018) "Gamification"

Keynote speaker for Yoogma Business Events (Mumbai, April 2018) "Gamification in HR & L&D"

Keynote speaker for Human Resources Online (Kuala Lumpur, March 2018) "Gamification for Talent Attraction"

Keynote speaker at Gamification & Interactive Experience Meetup (Singapore, March 2018) "Gamification 101 in Employee Engagement"

Keynote speaker for Human Resources Online (Singapore, March 2018) "Gamification in HR"

Keynote speaker for Yoogma Business Events (Bangalore and Mumbai, February 2018) "Gamification in HR & L&D"

Seminar speaker at ESCP Europe (London, February 2018) "Gamification"

Keynote speaker at the Reactor Incubator Launch (Cambridge, January 2018) "Gamification"

Chair at Gamification Europe 2017 (Brighton, November 2017) "The Hero's Journey"

Keynote speaker at Wave 2017 (London, November 2017) "Gamification: how to motivate brand advocates"

Keynote speaker at Gamification Turkey (Istanbul, November 2017) "Mastering the Game - Big Data and Gamification"

Speaker at Learning Network 2017 (Romania, September 2017)

Keynote Speaker at CIPD Sussex (Brighton, July 2017)

Keynote Speaker at Future Zone Summit (Cologne, June 2017)

Keynote Speaker at ESCP Europe (London, May 2017)

Keynote Speaker at Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce (Brighton, March 2017)

Speaker at HR Reborn (Tbilisi, Georgia, March 2017)

Keynote Speaker at REACTOR's Big Games Challenge (Cambridge, March 2017)

Keynote speaker at e-Learning Fusion (Warsaw, Poland, March 2017)

Speaker at HR Reborn (Moscow, Russia, March 2017)

Keynote Speaker and Masterclass at Dossier Forum (Oslo, January 2017)

International Speaker on Gamification at DigiHR Conference (Athens, November 2016)

Course Trainer at HR Reborn (November, 2016)

Course Trainer at RHRG2016 Redefining HR through Gamification (Singapore and Malaysia, October 2016 & April 2017)

Speaker at GWC16 Gamification World Conference (Madrid, October 2016)

Speaker at EHR2016 The Digital Age of HR Conference (Budapest, September 2016)

International Speaker on HR Gamification held at Digital HR Conference (Serbia, June 2016)

Keynote at Learning Technologies Conference (London, February 2016) - Gamification at large and in learning

Panelist at Learning Technologies Conference (London, February 2016) - Instructional Design Is Dead

Keynote at British Council SIEM (Edinburgh, December 2015) - Subtle engagement and outright fun

Speaker at Gamification World Congress (Barcelona, November 2015) - Can a gamified CRM really be fun to use?

Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM Presentation on the 6 C’s of gamified marketing (July 2015)

Games and Learning (GLSIG, 2015)

Gaminomics (London, 2015)

Cardens Accountants sponsored Brighton Digital Festival event

Brighton Chamber & Digital Festival event on new technology for business



[email protected] has got the audience out of their seats for a practical experiment & to demonstrate how to engage… https://t.co/OGAx14pzps


@nijay @qubemedia @petejenkins His talk was one of the highlights of today for me.


@Fantastic engaging talk from @petejenkins before the lunch break. Also on the topic of gamification, Pete would de… https://t.co/tcIARBThYv

Tom Pattrick

Thanks @learntheplanet ! Our speakers were amazing @gregverdino @charlesjenning @petejenkins


Hearing @gamifiplus @petejenkins speak at @brightonchamber Breakfast, very good and a funny fella! ? https://t.co/Z3tk6wbHN4

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Highlights from Brighton Digital Festival 2016 https://t.co/d3gVVmoYSu via @YouTube @PeteJenkins attractive man.


Really enjoying @petejenkins talk about gamification. Real food for thought! #RMGTower42

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Watching @petejenkins speech @ #DigiHR16. Two words: Absolutely. Brilliant. #digital #HR #HRMS #Cloud #InternalCommunications #Collaboration

Silvana Theodoropulu

[email protected] has got the audience out of their seats for a practical experiment & to demonstrate how to engage… https://t.co/OGAx14pzps


@petejenkins great listening to you today! ☺ Wish my partner @damiankeyes could have been there to hear yo!

Dionne Slater

Resources at https://t.co/XHB91mH0e7 and you have to play a game first to get to them. Smart! Thanks @petejenkins @SussexCipd

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What a fascinating evening @brightonchamber #future #business #tech Thank you to amazing speakers & fab host @petejenkins https://t.co/XmHbx5KEB9


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Loved this talk on #gamification and wholly recommend downloading it rather than squinting at my snaps of the slide… https://t.co/dUd0snDAz4

Heather DeLand