Vasilis Gkogkidis – Speaking on Gamification

Vasilis Gkogkidis of GAMIFICATION+ is a regular speaker on gamification. He can give an overview of gamification and its business benefits, or talk about a specific area where gamification is being applied like marketing, HR and corporate strategy.

Upcoming speaker engagements:

I really enjoy public speaking! Recently I have been speaking at various meetups about gamification. Meetups are a great way to engage with people from a lot of different backgrounds that work for a lot of different industries but have a similar interest like gamification. I have spoken at the gamification meetup in Brighton, at the games developer meetup in Thessaloniki and I also started my own gamification meetup in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am always looking for new opportunities to travel and meet more people and share my ideas and experiences related to gamification!

Great crowd in Athens with lots of experience on gamification!

The other thing that excites me is running workshops. My final project for my MSc degree at the University of Brighton was on crowd sourcing strategy inside an organisation using gamification. Out of that project a five stage strategy model was born that is the beating heart of the Stranded In Strategy Land workshop where I use gamification to help people work on their strategies. I delivered that workshop at JFDI Phoenix, a software consultancy based in Brighton and also at the  LEGO Serious Play meetup in Rome. The feedback was great in both cases and the interaction between the participants and the results we got from these workshops were a huge reward for me. My framework was helping people design better strategies and I got to see it happening live! 

The strategy workshop proved invaluable to myself and my co-director. We covered a lot of ground very quickly, guided by the unique process and would wholeheartedly recommend it to every leadership team.

John Silver 
JFDI Phoenix                 

Great crowd in Rome with very interesting ideas

Great workshop at ApoDec using LEGO to talk about strategy

JFDI Directors drawing ideas on their strategy

LEGO helped everyone visualise ideas for their strategies

Playing with strategy while getting insights on your business! LEGO helped us visualise our ideas and find solutions for our challenges as an organisation. 

Tenia Menegaki

Past speaker engagements:​

Gamification and marketing trainer at Mazars Thailand (Bangkok, September 2017)

Guest lecturer on gamification at KMITL University (Bangkok, September 2017)

Guest lecturer on gamification at Rajamangala University (Bangkok, September 2017)

Workshop facilitator at re:publica (Thessaloniki, September 2017)

Training facilitator delivering Redefining HR though Gamification for FDB events (Dubai, July 2017)

Training facilitator delivering Redefining HR though Gamification for FDB events (Bangkok, July 2017)

Workshop facilitator delivering Game Prototyping Workshop  (Brighton, July 2017)

Strategy workshop facilitator for microSTARS (Thessaloniki, May 2017)

Keynote speaker on gamification at Thessaloniki Gamification Meetup (Thessaloniki, May 2017)

Workshop facilitator at the 1st GamFed conference (Istanbul, May 2017) 

Organiser of the Gamifiers meetup on Gamification and L&D (London, May 2017) 

Guest lecturer on Gamification at the University of Brighton (Brighton, May 2017) 

Keynote speaker on Gamification at the 'Traditional VS Digital Marketing' event organised by Microstars (Thessaloniki, April 2017)

Trainer at the 'Game Prototyping' Workshop for the Thessaloniki Gamification Meetup (Thessaloniki, April 2017)

Keynote speaker on Gamification at Digi Culture Festival (Thessaloniki, April 2017)

How to Design Your Gamification Workshop at the Thessaloniki and Athens Gamification Meetups (Thessaloniki and Athens, March 2017)

Keynote speaker on Gamification at Larissa Developers Meetup (Larissa, March 2017)

Keynote speaker on Gamification at OK!Thess (Thessaloniki, March 2017)

Guest Lecturer on Gamification at University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, March 2017)

Facilitator-organiser of the Thessaloniki Gamification Meetup (Thessaloniki, February 2017)

Keynote speaker at Thessaloniki Gamification Meetup (Thessaloniki, January 2017)

Co-facilitator at the Rome LEGO Serious Play Meetup (Rome, January 2017)

Speaker at Thessaloniki Game Developers Meetup (Thessaloniki, December 2016)

Speaker at Brighton Gamification Meetup (Brighton, November 2016)