Small Gamification Part 4: EM Strasbourg Business School


Following up on the FedEx gamified charging station, I want to talk about a great small gamification example in a public space that I have experienced.

In January 2016 I visited the EM Strasbourg Business School as part of an educational trip organised by the University of Brighton. One of the first things I noticed walking into the university premises were these arrow stickers placed on the floor.

The arrows were pointing towards the entrance of the main building and they simulated a computer loading screen. So as you walk to the entrance, the arrows give you feedback on how far away you are. EM Strasbourg Business School was loading right in front of your eyes!

It may sound like something very simple but I think it was very effective. It made me think how small changes in public spaces could improve the way people feel towards them and can change behaviour and attitude towards them. It also says “you will find open minded people in this building” which is something always exciting for me.

The reason this case study is particularly interesting to me is that at the time I knew nothing about gamification. It engaged me nonetheless and I took some photos because I really liked it. Fast forward some months later and I am in a classroom learning about gamification from Pete when it suddenly strikes me that I had already experienced gamification in a public space. The loading arrows then inspired me to think of a project for this module that was not digital and could be applied in supermarkets and public spaces. Looking back I think that my whole idea was based on the loading arrows.

What I am trying to point out is that small gamification can inspire a bigger project or even be part of your prototyping. Try out something small before you go on and plan a bigger project, see if it works and why. Go out there and look for inspiration!

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Vasilis Gkogkidis

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