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Review of ‘Game Change’


A book dedicated to Gamification: an opportunity not to be missed for us at e-Advantage Solutions.

Called ‘Game Change’, the book discusses how “Gamification” can be harnessed and applied as a business model for the future.

Game Change

The book engages you from the very start by asking the reader questions and getting you fully engaged. At e-Advantage Solutions we understand the fundamentals of Gamification and how it can be implemented but to people who are new to the term “Gamification” it gives you a real understanding.

Although the PHD Agency (the author) says that gaming has attracted negative publicity, the book argues that through expert analysis, it can in fact be a positive force.

Game Change co-author and PHD’s worldwide strategy and planning director, Mark Holden, says that if businesses and marketers apply even a fraction of the engagement seen in gaming, the payback will be significant. “It is not enough to expect people within any organisation to give the best part of their waking lives for money alone.” “People, especially the younger generation, are seeking more meaning from their working lives”. “It is important that organisations start to take this on board,” he adds. “There’s a lot that can be learnt from the immersive and empowering experience that games provide.”

Game Change looks at “gamification” in practice through successful examples, including Nike+,, Tesco Clubcard Play and the Monopoly promotion from McDonald’s

PHD itself has implemented a ‘gamified’ global operating system, Source, a large enterprise gaming system with more than 2,500 staff in over 76 countries collaborating and playing on a leaderboard at work every day, and we at e-Advantage Solutions have gotten involved too, with our Zurmo CRM.

A famous quote and one that was relevant to ‘Game Change’ was the following: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – snap – the job’s a game! And every job you undertake becomes a piece of cake” Mary Poppins, 1964.

Myself and Pete have both read this. Pete said “this book is a good introduction to gamification, and it is a really well written review of the existing gamification literature too”. It is available on the Amazon Kindle and you can download it and read it by following this link here, and you’ll be even happier to know its FREE!


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