This page contains the gamification resources we have created and curated. Find them below!

Discover how to drive customer engagement through applying gamification to your marketing

Our founder Pete Baikins was commissioned by 3radical to research the future of customer engagement, and particularly to find out how gamification can help, and is already helping, with driving brand loyalty and increasing sales.

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Our Gamification Design Framework

Learn about the process we use to design our gamification projects by downloading a copy of our project design framework. 

To make a little more exciting we designed a game you have to finish to download our Framework. A little challenge to get you in Flow!

Pete in Gamification Land

Play our game "Pete in Gamification Land" and be get a free copy of our Gamification Project Design Gramework!

Big Data and Gamification White Paper

Our founder Pete Baikins was commissioned by Intelestream to research how best to leverage big data through the use of gamification to engage, empower and upskill employees. This paper describes how gamification can help, and is already helping these HR processes.

Gamification+ Reading List

Ever wonder where to start on gamification journey? There are so many excellent resources available...

What we've done is assemble a master list of our personal favourites. You can fill out the data form below to get a copy.

Gamification Europe

One of our biggest events of the year is organising Gamification Europe. 

We have made a playlist of every talk video which is available on YouTube with the button below.

We've also added every video onto a growing list below if you'd like to choose from any on the videos below.

Videos from 2017

Videos from 2018

Cover Story of Winning Edge

Pete’s story on gamified CRM was the cover story for the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) magazine 'Winning Edge' in December 2015. Below is the article presented in Slideshare.

In this article, Pete “analyses the merits of gamification for a sales CRM system, and hints at the possibilities it holds for a company’s salesforce in the future”.

Gamification+ Podcasts

We are active guests on various podcasts in the realm of gamification and beyond. We've embedded all the podcasts below that our team members have been involved in.