A Quick Update as an Intern


So I am three months in, let’s get right into it.

I have now started to embrace how convenient this job is. I am learning a lot on this job, which is enhancing my gamification knowledge daily, subsequently helping with my studies. Being around a gamification expert, who happens to also be my teacher, is useful as understanding concepts of gamification are far easier when you are around it for extended periods of time. I remember when I first started studying gamification, just a few short months ago, just understanding Lazzaro’s four keys to fun was challenging because I had not wrapped my brain around such a topic before. Now, gamification is like second nature to me, and I am strongly considering gamification as a possible route for my career in the future. Gamification is interesting in its niche, its absolute uniqueness. Sure gamification can be and should be combined with just about any area of study, for example, HR, marketing or sales, but it is in that flexibility that it is special.

I am also fully appreciating what it is like to work in a real work environment. A 9-5 job is nobody’s idea of fun, and yet, the Tuesday morning wakeup is never that hard (okay, except maybe this morning). I can already see how far this internship has taken my CV and my LinkedIn profile, the job is the reason I created one when I did, and this is not to be overlooked. I will look back in ten years, and realise this is really where it began for me.

Finally, the thing I like most about this job is seeing new concepts. I mean, look at this epic piece of work.

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Shane Fumagall

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