Pete speaking at Gamification Roundtable discussion on ‘Employee Motivation by Gamification’


gamificationroundtableOn Thurday 26th February Pete Jenkins will be speaking at a Google Hangouts Roundtable discussion on ’Employee Motivation by Gamification.’ Other speakers include Robert Bencze of PWC, Marcin Wardaszko of Kazminski University and Magdalena Rossakowska of DHL.

Topics we are likely to discuss include:

  • Why employee motivation is crucial? Is it only about the Millennials (Y-generation)?
  • Useful game elements and game mechanics for employee motivation
  • What should decision makers consider before starting a gamification project?
  • What are the expected results of applying gamification in the organization?
  • Gamified examples of employee motivation

Visit for more information and to join in the hangout.

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