Pete is a panelist on upcoming webinar “Is Mobile Gamification the Future for Customer Engagement?”



Pete, along with expert panelists Mike Talbot of 3Radical, An Coppens of Gamification nation and Ruaraidh Thomas of The Gig at DST will be talking about mobile gamification as the future for customer engagement at a webinar on 19th February 2015 at 10am.

Consumers are constantly bombarded across multiple channels with branded messages, so how can the gamification of the mobile customer experience help brands to increase engagement, loyalty and improve customer value when most consumers have already tuned out? The Economist Intelligence Unit showed that companies share a conviction that cultivating a high level of customer engagement is now a key strategic challenge.

This panel discussion explores whether Gamification, as an engagement technique, can help Marketers to secure consumer mind share, giving their brands a competitive advantage, or is it just a passing gimmick that won’t deliver against this strategic goal?

For more information and to sign up to attend the webinar please click this link:

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