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e-Advantage Sponsoring November Chamber Spotlight Supper with Robert Schifreen


We are very happy to be sponsoring the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce Spotlight Supper.

“One day in 1983, purely by accident, I stumbled across someone’s password that wasn’t mine. I was testing something and I pressed some random keys that turned out to be real. I realised I could see more than I normally could…’

And that was how, unwittingly and without meaning to harm anyone, Robert Schifreen stumbled into hacking and the history books. He became the first person in the world to be charged with accessing a computer illegally. At the time there was no law against hacking, so Robert was convicted of forgery. It was later decided that this legislation did not apply to hacking and Robert successfully appealed against his conviction in 1987.

The curiosity that had led him to court also shaped the different strands of his career: journalist specialising in IT; computer security consultant and commentator; and most recently member of the University of Brighton’s IT department.

At the Spotlight Supper, Robert will talk about:

What businesses should think about when it comes to their own IT security.

His journey from poacher to gamekeeper and how he’s used his hacking experience to help others to protect themselves from uninvited ‘guests’.

How our attitudes to privacy and data protection have changed radically in the last 30 years.

Robert will be in conversation with Miranda Birch, who uses her BBC background to turn the stories in your company into content that will inspire your target audience.

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