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My Time as an e-Advantage Intern by Chris Brownings


Brighton UniFor the last 10 months I have been an intern here at e-Advantage Solutions, working one day a week throughout my final year at university. I have now graduated from the University of Brighton where Pete is the entrepreneur in residence. As entrepreneur in residence Pete advertised the intern opportunity to a class of students taking the small business and entrepreneurship module. It sounded like a great opportunity to me and I applied straight away. After being short-listed and interviewed Pete chose me.

From day one I felt welcomed into the team here and have managed to observe how to efficiently and correctly run a business. Pete has introduced many new things to me that I will continue to use throughout my working life. I have had the opportunity to write blog posts, such as this one, on all types of topics, ideas and events. I’ve been to networking events with Pete and enjoyed the vast range of tasks I’m allocated. There is no average day and I have been involved in creating quarterly newsletters, editing the website, creating content and even accounting. I’ve managed to vastly improve my knowledge surrounding the industry e-Advantage operates in and really can’t put in to words how valuable this past year has been. Although I have been working I’ve still had fun and e-Advantage really is a great company to work for.

eadvSince working here I have gained a wealth of skills that just aren’t taught at university. Experience is vital in today’s job market and I am very thankful for e-Advantage for providing me with the opportunity to gain exactly that. I have now secured a full time graduate position. I’m confident that without the experience and contacts I have gained by working at e-Advantage then this wouldn’t have happened as easily.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pete once again, and, for any prospective interns reading this I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Chris Brownings

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