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Manage your business goals with Zurmo


ID-100130830It’s important for people and businesses to have goals. They provide a way to measure our actual successes against our predicted or desired successes and can give you something to work towards. Goals are clearly an important aspect of business, and they can be measured in many different ways. Personal goals may be measured in how many miles run or how many books read. For businesses goals are usually measured in terms of revenue earned, product sold, margin retained or targets met. However they are measured, goals essentially all do the same thing, they allow you to drive employee behaviour and measure this behaviour against a standard.

So, how can Zurmo, a CRM system, help you manage your businesses goals? Well, Zurmo can be modified to record any data that you require it to, allowing you to build up relevant data regarding, for example, sales performance or an email marketing campaign’s success. By recording this data it allows for goals to be set against this past data ensuring that they are being set with the best data available. Unrealistic goals will only demotivate staff as there is no way for them to achieve them and equally goals that are easy achieve will encourage workers to slack.

stock-photo-6010002-successful-personOne of the best way to get employees engaged with their goals is to let them track their own progress. This is where Zurmo is really great, not only will it allow individuals to see how they are performing but it will also place everybody within a leader board. The leader board can display who is top that day, week, month or year and Zurmo will give out achievements and badges for any work completed well. This encourages friendly competition as colleagues want to have more badges/ achievements and get higher up the leader board.

Another feature on Zurmo is “missions” in which anyone can set a mission, a date for it to be completed and then a reward for whoever completes it. Anyone can then accept the mission in order to gain the reward if they complete it. This is essentially the setting of mini goals.

Zurmo’s built in Gamification and high flexibility make it a truly unique CRM system that can be adapted in a variety of ways in order to help set and monitor goals. This in turn should aid in the achievement of these goals. It’s easier to be motivated to meet a goal if you are receiving feedback on how well you are doing and can see your progress toward achieving that goal. What goals would you like help in motivating your staff to meet?

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