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If you’re like me, and you suffer from client-amnesia (that might not be the scientific term), it is often difficult to determine which Leads or Contacts are getting cold. Perhaps you have a feeling you have been a bit neglectful to a bunch of Leads, especially the guys you met last month at the trade show. You had a wild time at the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, but you are so behind after being out of the office that you have not had a chance to reach out. If this sounds like your world, Zurmo’s new ‘Latest Activity’ feature will make life so much better.

In the details view of a record, you will notice a ‘Latest Activity’ date stamp:

latest activity

This date stamp is updated anytime a task, note, email, or meeting is completed:


Since all of these activities are touch points, ‘Latest Activity’ allows you to easily track which Leads or Contacts are getting colder. Instead of relying on gut feels, run a report to see who has not been reached out to in the longest time and might be slipping away:


No more loose ends!

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Keith Tincknell

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