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IT Apprenticeship Success


I’m very pleased to say that I have passed my Apprenticeship and have achieved a Level 2 NVQ IT Qualification.

To achieve the qualification I had to do a certain amount of units this included topics such as Website Software, Using Mobile IT Devices, Imaging Software, IT User Fundamentals, Using Email, Project Management Software, Personal Information Management Software and Using The Internet.

I recommend anyone to do an apprenticeship, you’re learning new skills and expanding your knowledge all of the time, being in a working environment whilst achieving a qualification and also earning money at the same time. This experience has been very beneficial and I now see a career which is fantastic as a lot of people my age still don’t know what they want to do in the future let alone the present. I enjoy going to work and I know very few people who can say that!

I’m very pleased with the development I have made at work, my skills and knowledge have increased significantly.

I’ve now acquired a new job title which is I.T. Communications Specialist (previously it was I.T. Specialist Apprentice) which is nice.

The company is developing and expanding nicely which is fantastic especially with the tough financial times the country is going through. It’s been great to see the development in the year and to be part of the e-Advantage Solutions team.

I feel greatly part of the team and enjoy working with all my colleagues.

Also a thank you to Pete for making the Apprenticeship run so smoothly and making it very enjoyable.

I’m very exited about what the future holds for myself and the company.

Ross Pettiford, 26th October 2012

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  • I would like to thak Ross for the online support during the installation of the Snom phone. Your timely help is much appreciated. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the best at voip advantage/ e-advanatge.

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