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International Horizons Case Study – using CRM to provide easy access to client information


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International Horizons is a family run business with a combined experience of over 45 years in the property market. They specialise in overseas properties and market properties and investments in a number of different countries across the world. They offer clients friendly, experienced advice and hope to build a long-term relationship with their clients.

Business Situation

International Horizons have an ever growing client base and it is their aim to ‘build a long term relationship with you’. Therefore, they needed a system that could integrate all client information together and be stored in one place where all employees could easily access the information.

Technical Situation

When International Horizons first contacted e-Advantage six years ago they were using paper for everything which meant customers questions could not be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, there was no network connecting office computers and some information and emails would be on separate computers which lead to a loss of leads and a failure to follow up leads.


In 2006 e-Advantage provided International Horizons with eLink CRM which enabled International Horizons to integrate all their clients information and emails in one easy to reach place. Less paper and a more efficient and organised way to file all the information they needed.

To keep up to date with technical changes e-Advantage were pleased to provide International Horizons with Efficy CRM in 2011. Efficy is a great upgrade from eLink as it works on more platforms and browsers including Chrome. Other technological developments within Efficy mean it is faster and easier to use and has the added feature of strong Outlook integration.


International Horizons are happy with the CRM software we have provided them over the last six years as it enables them to find answers quickly and they no longer suffer from lost leads. Melanie Scrace also commented how ‘the service runs smoothly and is always up’.  Also because the service is accessed over the internet International Horizons haven’t had to invest in a server or network for the company which has saved them money.

The upgrade into Efficy CRM has continued to keep their customer details in one place but is faster and easier to use. Finally, Melanie says she “Couldn’t be without it“.

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