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If you’re forgetful then the MeCam could make business that little bit easier!


We would like to introduce MeCam, a wearable camera invented by Drew Martin based in Miami. MeCam has been designed to allow its users to capture their┬álives on-the-go. However, here at e-Advantage HQ we’ve had a few ideas that we feel make it a potentially great product for businesses too!

First off, lets just have a look at the features of the MeCam. Wearable either on a┬ánecklace or┬áby clipping to your shirt┬á(or anywhere else for that matter), MeCam shoots in 720p HD video with the option for 5 megapixel photos to┬áalso┬ábe┬átaken . Furthermore the MeCam has infrared lights allowing for filming in lowlight/dark┬áconditions┬áand weighs just 57 grams! It has a microphone that captures audio within a 3 metre diameter and its battery life allows for well over an hour’s continuous recording.

So, how could it be used in your business we hear you cry. Well, if you’re someone who struggles to put names to faces after network┬ámeetings, why not clip a MeCam on so you can not only get to see who is who but also listen over your conversations and see if you missed a potential sale! The MeCam could allow you to impress people with your memory of who they are, what they do and what they need, making those all important sales that little bit easier.

If you’re someone who tends to forget some of the key points in your morning meetings the MeCam could allow you to replay them back to yourself so you don’t forget what you’ve promised to do. It has an SD card slot you can store up to 4 hours of video with a 16GB card. By simply┬áplugging it in to your computer with the provided USB lead you can transfer the files straight off it and on to your computer.

It could also be used outside of business too, ensuring you capture those events that don’t quite allow you enough time to get out a more conventional camera! At just $49.99 with its main competitors appearing to be the likes of GoPro (retailing for nearer the ┬ú200-300 mark) MeCam could be the next big video and audio capture device. An interesting new gadget with a wealth of possibilities we are sure haven’t even been thought of yet. Click this link to see how MeCam works in greater detail. What would you use it for?

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