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I say good business is where you find it – with Efficy CRM


Efficy CRM is constantly improving and now there’s a great new feature we’ve called Efficy Places. Efficy Places makes it easy for you to keep track of clients and contacts and even to source new ones.

Efficy already stores all your contacts in one place but how much easier would it be if you could then see their location on a map or even better, on Google Earth?

When opening a company card simply click on Locate on a map in the tool bar and the position will appear on Google Maps using address information. This is great if you just need the location of one company but Efficy places is one step ahead and actually allows an overview of other companies that are in the same area. So, next time you arrange to meet a client, you can arrange meetings with several in the same area, in the same day. Efficient!

record positioning google map

Efficy = efficiency even for acquiring new clients. Google Earth allows you to virtually walk down a street and view your surroundings. Hunting out new clients this way could be beneficial to many companies. Imagine you are a commercial window cleaning company and you see a building covered in windows, that’s a potential client and what’s even better is that it’s just around the corner from an existing one. So, you’re able to visit more clients in less time with less travel costs meaning profits are up.

It doesn’t stop there. Efficy Places is international and groups contacts in ‘clusters’ in regions or countries. So you can spot areas where your products are popular and perhaps allocate more resources. Or, alternatively spot the gaps where you may need to expand and then open a new area office, meaning more clients.

 cluster map

Efficy CRM helps you do business by making use of the customer relationships and data you’ve built up within your organisation. This new tool is sure to make doing business that little bit easier and quicker for you.

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