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How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott – Book Review


Productivity Ninja - AmazonAfter reading this book be prepared to be one of the most productive ninja’s you know!
In this book Graham Allcott looks at how to manage our attitudes and attention, rather than our time. Allcott states we are in an age of “information overload” and his encouragement of a ninja like approach certainly makes the book a light hearted read, “zen-like calm”, “ruthlessness”, “agility” and “mindfulness” are some of the highlighted ninja attributes that will get you working efficiently.

Chapter 3 on attention management, I feel, is one of the key concepts in the book. As briefly touched on; Allcott discusses how we live in a world of “information overload”. This is essentially referring to the vast number of inputs into our daily lives we all have; from texts, phone calls and emails to T.V, websites and social media sites. If we can manage to control, or at least respond to our attention then it is likely we can increase our productivity! Our attention is essentially a finite resource, limited in the amount we have each day. By identifying different levels of attention and when we are peaking/flagging its possible to use this information to our advantage.

Productivity Ninja - AmazonAllcott split the different levels of attention into different categories; proactive attention, active attention and inactive attention. During periods of proactive attention (when you’re most on the ball and ready to tackle anything) you should be doing your hardest tasks. Leave the more menial, boring tasks to when you’re going through a period of inactive attention; maybe change the printer cartridge or just go and grab a coffee! By identifying at what time of the day you’re on top form, and what times you’re not, can allow you to plan your days accordingly, ensuring the hardest of tasks get your utmost attention!

The book is packed full of similarly great insights in how to manage everything on your plate. Another example is the encouragement of doing a daily and weekly review. Within this review you may want to look at those tasks which you have to do and yet you feel some form of resistance against them. Allcott states how by doing the tasks you hate, first thing in the morning, then your day can only get better. A simple technique in altering your approach to something can have such a drastic effect on the rest of your day, as this hated task is no longer looming over your head.

After reading this book you really should be a true productivity ninja! Why not check out Allcott’s blog on productivity or if you want to grab yourself a copy of the book then Amazon is a great place to do so!

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