How Efficy CRM can help you manage your time and your tasks


To do lists, task management, time management and shared calendars are core to running your business and getting the most out of your capabilities and resources. But in a busy, stressful work place it can be difficult to organise all of these and tasks get forgotten about and projects over run. In an ideal world we would all have a personal assistant reminding us of important tasks, remembering all of our contacts information and integrating absolutely everything we needed, how and when we needed it. Well, we might not be as far away from that ideal world as we first thought.efficy

Let me introduce you to Efficy CRM. This system is perfect for the smallest of businesses as a task and time management solution. Not only does it improve relations with your client base but it improves productivity within your business and is an excellent motivation and morale building tool.  Imagine being able to access all clients information without limitations allowing you to contact them whenever so you don’t have to worry about forgetting that all important deadline.

First thing first, how does Efficy help you to organise tasks? We all receive emails, letters and phone calls which need attention, some straightaway, some at a certain time and of those some need sharing with other colleagues or delegated as a task to someone else. Imagine you receive an email which outlines a specific task which requires information from another contact in order to be completed and input from a different colleague and the deadline is Friday. That all sounds a bit complicated to me. But it doesn’t have to be. By using efficy you needn’t even break into a sweat. You might be required to lift your finger to click a few things within the system but I think that is a manageable task even for the over-worked among us.

Just simply create an action by connecting the task and/or email to the right contact in your list of contacts which you can search for in the search bar. It doesn’t end there . You can select relevant company information, projects or reports to go along with the task or email. Once you have done this you could leave a comment for the relevant person to brief them on the task, set a deadline and FORGET about it. Yes that’s right just FORGET about it. Well until the person gets back to you for you to do something. This is great for efficiency as it means you can concentrate on tasks which need your immediate attention whilst delegated tasks are in the midst of being completed.

Now you’re probably wondering how the relevant person/people are alerted about the task.  Well Efficy is always on the ball and sends the user a notification within Outlook (or Lotus Notes) once the APPLY button is hit. All relevant information you connected to the action will simply be a click away from the user making it easy for them to complete their task. Easy peasy. And to pass it back to you they will click your name in the action and leave any comments for you.

That all sounds very good but what if the action isn’t a task? Imagine you have an event or a meeting that you need to share with your colleagues and/or contacts. Efficy has an app for that. The action is converted into a diary entry using the shared calendars and other users can be invited. It’s a virtual invitation which the guest can accept or decline via their MS Outlook. Quick, simple and results are automatically shown in the diary entry.

The To Do Lists and shared calendars taken together, can even be made available to an out-sourced team (eg telemarketing, telesales or accounting staff) or to virtual assistants to form a cohesive Task and Time Management solution.

If you are now thinking ‘wow, efficy is a fantastic  tool to have’ the next feature I am about to describe will leave you thinking ‘WOW, I need Efficy CRM in my life right now’. If like us your business uses a VoIP telephone system then voice messages arrive as an email with a .wav file attached to it. This actual file can be the basis of an action within Efficy. By listening to it and finding out who the caller is the .wav file can be filed as a document and attached to the relavant contact AND (check this out) by doing this the action attaches itself to the relevant company! As if by magic! Then all other relevant things can be added; project(s), sales opportunity or marketing campaign.

The benefits of using Efficy CRM will be invaluable to your business. This system is designed to grow and adapt to match your organisation and its surrounding market. Let Efficy manage your tasks so you can use your time productively and watch your sales and profit rise through the roof.


About the author 

Pete Baikins

Pete Baikins is an international authority on gamification, a lifelong gamer, successful entrepreneur and a lecturer. As CEO of Gamification+ Ltd he mentors and trains companies world-wide on the use of gamification to solve business challenges. Gamification+ won the Board of Trade Award from the UK's Department of International Trade in January 2019.

Pete is co-host of the health gamification podcast Health Points and is also Chair of Gamification Europe, the annual conference for Gamification practitioners.

Pete is an Honorary Ambassador for GamFed (International Gamification Confederation), having previously been the Chair from 2014 to February 2019, whose aim is to spread best practices within and support the gamification industry.

After 15 years as a Lecturer on gamification and entrepreneurship at the University of Brighton he now guest lectures on Gamification at King’s College London and at ESCP Europe at post-graduate and under-graduate levels.

Over the past 20 years Pete has built and sold two businesses. One was in security software and the more recent one was a telecoms and internet connectivity business. He is also an Ambassador for Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

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