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HBA Breakfasts Have a New Sponsor – e-Advantage!


Hove Business Association have been supporting business people in Hove since 1929! They specialise in relaxed networking events, giving you the opportunity to gain informal support, and, a chance to get your views on business voiced where it counts in the city. HBA (Hove Business Association) host a number of events in the form of business breakfasts, networking and 6 o’clock drinks. We are pleased to announce e-Advantage will be sponsoring the next 3 business breakfast meetings happening on May 9th, June 13th and July 11th.

Each event has a different guest with May’s being Stephen Young from Brighton and Hove Living Streets. Living Streets look to improve the condition of public places in Brighton and Hove; Stephen will be talking on “Why 20 is Plenty: Challenging the myths about the 20mph speed limit.” This is based on the “20 mph City” plan that the local council are implementing. After challenging the myths surrounding a 20 mph speed limit Stephen will then talk on the impact this new speed limit may have on businesses. There seems to be a rather mixed feeling about the issue, so why not get your say on the matter at this event?

June’s Event will see Anya Ledwith, from ESHCon, discussing the commercial benefits to the environmental management of your business. All organisations have the potential to reduce their impact on the environment, improve efficiency and make cost savings. ESHCon will take you through a few simple steps that can be easily implemented in your business to help you save money and reduce your environmental impact.

July’s event will feature Chris Piper from the Bank of England, with more details to be announced nearer the time. If you’re looking to join Hove Business Association or want to know more details about their events why not check out their website? The events will give you a great opportunity to network in a relaxed environment, with plenty of like minded people and a great breakfast to top it all off! What more could you want from a Thursday morning?

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