Gamified Project Management – have fun getting your projects completed on time

We are delighted to tell you that Zurmo CRM now handles Project Management. With Zurmo’s focus on Gamification and ease of use you’ll be pleased to know that the project management is concentrated on motivating your team to complete the tasks needed to complete your projects on time.

Let’s see how it all works:


Get a bird’s eye view of how various projects are moving along:


Hone in on a specific project to see details. It should come as no surprise to Zurmo fans that Zurmo have decided to represent the progression of projects through Kanban visualizations. People really seem to love dragging and dropping to move items from left to right. We would never want to rob anyone of the small tingle of joy they experience by visualizing accomplishment.

A couple of cool things to point out in the screenshot above:

A task will have a green bar above it if it contains any Checklist items that have been completed. The length if the bar denotes the percent of checklist items completed. (A task with no checklist items will not show a bar).

Different users can add comments on the task and click the Comment button to submit their comment. Some examples of comments can be questions about the task, or reasons for accepting/rejecting the task.

Users can subscribe to receive notifications on project updates. The thumbnail profile/avatars are people who have subscribed to receive updates. The goal is to keep everyone informed and encourage as much collaboration as possible.


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