Gamification+ Prize for ‘Best Use of Gamification in a Business Context’ Awarded


​Gamification+ at the Brighton Business School Excellence Awards

On 6th December the 2018 Brighton Excellence Awards were held at the University of Brighton, celebrating fantastic achievement among the student body of the Business School. Kira Downer* received the prize from Gamification+ for 'Best Use of Gamification in a Business Context.'

The prize was a year's membership to GamFed and a deck of gamification playing cards.

​The award aims to recognise students who have gone the extra mile in their gamification design and that have looked for sources beyond the assigned reading.

We look forward to recognising the students who perform well at this module in the future.

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​*A note from the author...

Hiya, Kira here. Wanting to let you know that I'm incredibly proud of the essay and I have plans over the next month or so to transform this essay into a workshop and ​test it and potentially turn it into a business with Pete's mentorship.

I also wanted to clarify about the selection process for the winner of the award. I have worked for Pete since January 2018 and I submitted the essay for marking in May. Pete declared a conflict of interest and was not involved in marking my essay. The award was allocated to the student who's essay received the highest mark in the group, rather than any internal favouritism.

About the author 

Kira Downer

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