Gamification is the key to mobile customer engagement


Gamification White Paper

How can you get and keep the attention of your customers and prospects?Gamification White Paper

Have you ever wondered how, with the massive changes in channels of communication and customer expectations, you can get and keep the attention of your customers and prospects?  How you can tap into the growing use of smartphones without being intrusive?  How do you motivate customers to research your products or services and become an advocate, as well as to purchase?

Pete Jenkins, Chair of GameFed and Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Brighton has just produced a new white paper “Gamification is the key to mobile customer engagement“.  In this report he explores all these questions, and identifies how gamification can and should be used in the customer engagement process.

Download your free copy now, and look out for a forthcoming webinar where Pete Jenkins explores these issues and introduces the 6Cs – a new framework he has developed – to implement gamification as an engagement technique.

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Pete Baikins

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