Gamification for Marketing Course

A one day course with Pete Jenkins or Vasilis Gkogkidis on gamification and marketing.

Thanks for an engaging, pacey #gamification workshop yesterday, enjoyed every minute! #Gameon

Linsay Duncan


A cutting edge approach to marketing, gamification is the process of applying game design theories to everyday situations, including business. The concept is simple: redesign everyday routines, tasks and interactions to be more game-like and engaging, ultimately enhancing work & customer experiences to be more fulfilling, fun and productive.

One of the most popular uses of gamification is in the marketing industry. Either you work in a marketing agency or you want to improve your in house marketing, you need to know about gamification. This one-day course is for staff involved in marketing or anyone who would like to improve their strategy and programmes. It will suit both those with no knowledge of gamification and those who have used it, but are unsure how to choose the right strategy.

Gamification has been the new thing for some time now and we think that it's very helpful in creating interesting experiences and campaigns for your customers. This is a fast paced one day course to show you the basics of how gamification works and give you guidelines on how to design and manage a gamification project.

Three big benefits to this course

  • Your competitors are now using gamification – find out how to do it better than them
  • Respond effectively to the changes in how customers engage with your brand
  • Improve your ability to persuade, motivate and influence customers & potential customers

Course Outline


Gamification is about understanding why certain games mechanics are so engaging and fun and how to choose which game techniques we should be using in any given situation.

  • What is gamification
  • Why it is important for business
  • The psychology of fun and engagement
  • Motivational psychology

Case Study: Speed Camera Lottery


At this session we will have a look at case studies from the marketing sector where companies used gamification to engage their customers and gain their loyalty. Aim of this session is for you to get an overview of how companies have used gamification in the past and get you inspired on what you can do with that concept. We have chosen a range of different cases for you that helped other organisations improve their:

Customer Experience: Improve the way customers interact with your services and products to have them spread the word on how pleasant your customer experience is. 

Case Study: McDonald’s: Happy Table

Branding: Strengthen your brand with exciting marketing content based on game theories. 

Case Study: Khaleej Times: Interactive Banner

Marketing and sales: Increase marketing and sales with engaging gamified campaigns that will motivate customers to interact with your brand and products.

Case Study: Bing and Jay Z: decode Jay Z

Customer Loyalty: Keep your existing customers happy so they will be coming back for more overtime. Games are a lot of times build around this notion of the returning user and people spend hundreds of hours playing them.

Case Study: LEGO: digital designer

Toby Beresford

For anyone interested in #gamification both @v_gkogkidis and @petejenkins are excellent workshop leaders.


    In this workshop, we will design a prototype for a specific problem each attendant has at their everyday jobs using our gamification design framework. Participants will be organised in random teams for this workshop.

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      What do you want to do with gamification?: participants will choose a problem to solve with gamification and set a clear goal in what they want to achieve. 
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      Brainstorming: We explore what we need to keep in mind when designing gamification. What are the elements we need to think about when we try and create a gamification solution.  
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      Prototyping: Participants will get hands on making a prototype 
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      Play Testing: Teams will be trying each other's solutions. Feedback will be given on the projects so everyone can improve  their solutions. 


      We have designed a framework that will help you design your own gamification projects but also manage a gamification company that you work with. This framework reveals all the details on how we design your projects at GAMIFICATION+ so you can follow the same process to successful gamification.

      • Explanation of how our framework works
      • What you need to pay attention when you design gamification
      • Use the framework to add elements to your project

      Who is leading the course?

      Gamification expert Pete Jenkins, founder of Gamification+ Ltd. Pete is entrepreneur in residence at Brighton Business School, University of Brighton and chair of the International Gamification Confederation (GamFed).

      Vasilis Gkogkidis is a gamification designer and trainer working for GAMIFICATION+ with a masters's degree with distinction from the University of Brighton on Business Management​, Greek ambassador of GamFed and organiser of the Thessaloniki Gamification Meetup. 

      Date: By arrangement, 9.30am – 4.30pm

      Location: In your workplace!

      Open Courses

      We will also host open courses if there are enough enquiries.

      Date: By Arrangement.

      Location: In a city near you!