Gamification Europe Masterclass

What is Gamification Europe Masterclass?

Gamification Europe Masterclass is an idea that was born out of the feedback we got for Gamification Europe 2017.                 

Everyone that attended Gamification Europe (you can read what happened here and here) said that they enjoyed the fact that the conference was small and got to engage with the speakers, get a lot of insights and network with everyone. So we decided to organise two days of training to give people the chance to get even more insights from some of the speakers during these two days. 

Every speaker will lead a full day session talking about their area of expertise in gamification. We decided to call these sessions Gamification Europe Masterclass and they will happen in London on the 18th and 19th of June 2018. The training sessions we have confirmed are as follows:       

Gamification Design Sprint: the title says it all! A session led by our keynote speaker Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos that will be help you kickstart your journey in the gamification world. All the necessary knowledge you need to design gamification are going to be introduced by Dr. Raftopoulos that will lead this training.

How to create gamified tools: a session led by Bernardo Letayf who won Best Gamification Software at our conference Gamification Europe 2017 for his excellent tool called BlueRabbit. Everything you need to start developing your own gamified tools or add some gamification in the products you already have is going to be in this session.

Reverse thinking with Lego: a session led by Michiel Van Eunen to turn your business into an experience, using Reverse Thinking. Reverse Thinking is reversing your organisation to create an optimal customer and employee experience. This workshop will be facilitated with the Lego Serious Play methodology. Lego Bricks will help you visualise your ideas and bring inspirations to life. It is the best tool for this session that you have to analyse and redesign some of your company's procedures.

The Gamification of Learning: a session led by Monica Cornetti. Do you want to learn how to create and deliver learning programs with impact? In this hands-on training, you will learn the 5-step process of gamifiying a training or talent development program. 

The Escape Room: a session led by Michiel Van Eunen. During this training, Michiel will show you how to design an Escape Room and how you can use it in your own company to facilitate learning, improve teamwork and communication.

Narrative is the Key: a session led by Melinda Jacobs. Do you want to use narrative to engage and motivate your users? In this hands on training you will learn how to design with narrative that resonates with your users and supports your products and services. 

Buying a ticket gets you a full day of training with your favourite speaker, a 15% discount if you buy a ticket for both days (Monday 18 and Tuesday 19) and a 20% discount for Gamification Europe 2018 that will happen in Amsterdam this coming November. 

Send us an email at [email protected] to have a chat about which training is best for your company. 

See you in June!