You want to add gameful elements to your products, services and processes?

This is how we can help you

When we work with a company to help them design gamification we think of them as partners even if we are delivering a half day workshop. We want to work with you and make sure that we can deliver the best value we can. Here we present some of the ways we can work together but we are always open to discussion so please feel free to send us an email ([email protected]) to arrange a call and talk about your project. 

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Our services

Half and one day Workshops

  • Gamification Design Sprints - half or full day workshops that help you design your gamification project and bring your ideas to life.

For anyone interested in #gamification both @v_gkogkidis and @petejenkins are excellent workshop leaders. 

Toby Beresford

Gamification Designer

  • Employee Rewards Research - what will motivate your staff? A one day workshops that engages your employees and helps us find out what rewards motivate them.
    More infoEmployee Rewards Focus Group

Longer term engagement

We are always looking for clients that want to engage in a longer term relationship with us. We love to be part of the project you are running and help you design it give you actionable design feedback and guidance for your project.


Do you want to take your gamification project from concept to a first working version? Our prototyping and testing service starts with a gamification audit that clarifies your project's objectives and current strengths. Then we work with your team to rapidly build, test and improve a first draft version of your project that you can test on real users.

Projects we have worked on


CVC Capital Partners

Pink Chillies

Grassroots Suicide Prevention



Evalue Investment Solutions

Network For Business

Gamified toolkit and partners we work with:

Academy Learning Management System

Gamified CRM Systems

Voco Platform Customer Engagement

Our Gamification Design Framework

Learn about the process we use to design our gamification projects by downloading a copy of our project design framework.

To make a little more exciting we designed a game you have to finish to download our Framework. A little challenge to get you in Flow!

Pete in Gamification Land

Play our game "Pete in Gamification Land" and be get a free copy of our Gamification Project Design Gramework!