We work with our clients to apply gamification to:

  • boost sales and profits

  • create long term customer loyalty, satisfaction and lower attrition rates

  • raise morale and increase employee engagement - lowering costs through improved staff retention

  • improve productivity and performance

  • inspire innovation(s)

  • create behaviour change in your target audience - from improving health and wellness to saving the world

“Gamification at Giza Systems”


Pete opened our eyes to the potential of human centered design, specifically gamification, in all aspects of business and development. Following his engagement with us the company literally became obsessed with gamification and started introducing it in many aspects of business. We started with offline games for onboarding staff and improving cash collection. Recently we launched a mobile gamified project management application. It is mind blowing to see how introducing simple game mechanics not only improves our culture and employee engagement, but also increases efficiency and effectiveness. I wish people start realizing the real value of gamification, as it might be one of our most powerful tools in the modern day.

Mohamed Hossary - Executive Director

How we work with you

We work together with you to make a measurable difference in achieving your business objectives. Our services are all designed to give you as much access as possible to our industry experience and knowledge. We start by getting to know you, your business and your perceived and actual needs. Then we will provide you with our recommended options for moving forward with us to achieve your goals. Generally we aim to up skill you and your team to take on running your project successfully following on from our service(s).

Some options we may recommend and deliver include:

  • Mentoring - individuals or teams to get your project right
  • Coaching - upskilling you and your team
  • Speaking - to inspire change and increase buy in (of staff or customers)
  • Workshops - brainstorming, kick-starting, upskilling, evaluating, iterating projects
  • Retreats - understanding, collaborating, strategising
  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Research
  • Insights
  • Innovations

Projects we have worked on


CVC Capital Partners

Pink Chillies

Grassroots Suicide Prevention



Evalue Investment Solutions

Network For Business

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Our Gamification Design Framework

Learn about the process we use to design our gamification projects by downloading a copy of our project design framework.

To make it a little more exciting we designed a game you have to finish to download our Framework. A little challenge to get you in Flow!

Pete in Gamification Land

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