Gamification Consultancy

We help organisations in any industry to benefit from adding gamification to some of their processes in order to motivate your customers or your staff.

Learn about the process we use on each gamification project by downloading a copy of our project design framework. You do have to complete the game below to win it though...

Our services

  • Employee Rewards Research - what will motivate your staff?
    More info: ​Employee Rewards Focus Group​​​

  • Gamification Workshops - we help you apply gamification techniques to create more engaging products and increase staff motivation.

  • Gamification Audit (1-3 weeks) - Do you need immediate, actionable design feedback and guidance for your project? Our audit is a short, intensive review of your product’s strengths and weaknesses from a gamification perspective, taking into account your business objectives, audience and platform. We engage with your team via stakeholder interviews, design discussions, product assessment and user research. We deliver a prioritized assessment of how to best apply gamification techniques to improve the effectiveness of your product or service.

  • Gamification Prototyping and Testing (4-8 weeks) - Do you want to take your gamification project from concept to a first working version? Our prototyping and testing service starts with a gamification audit that clarifies your project's objectives and current strengths. Then we work with your team to rapidly build, test and improve a first draft version of your project that you can test on real users.

  • Gamification Design and Launch (9+ weeks) - we provide project-based consulting that can include all of the above services plus implementation of live project and on-going support, review and refreshes of your gamification project.

We started our use of gamification in the CRM industry. Having watched how people used (or failed to use) CRMs we thought that gamifying the CRMs would improve the situation. Turns out we were right. From onboarding new users successfully to motivating salespeople to achieve their targets, gamifying CRMs works. In the video below Pete explains how gamification has been proven to work in CRMs. 

Projects we've worked on


CVC Capital Partners

Pink Chillies

Grassroots Suicide Prevention



Evalue Investment Solutions

Network For Business

Gamified platforms we already work with:

Growth Engineering

is a company based in London UK. They have built this great gamified Learning Management System called The Academy LMS that turns learning into fun!

They also offer a game based authoring learning tool called Genie and a game based micro learning mobile platform called The Knowledge Arcade. All aimed at making your learning more fun and engaging.​


We work with:, Efficy and Intelestream (SugarCRM)

​We started out as a business in the CRM space and realised that a great method for onboarding users and keeping them engaged and productive in the long term was to add gamification to the CRM mix.

Gamified CRM systems are faster for users to adopt, so they are more productive quicker. They encourage users to explore the system and get comfortable using all the features, so you get more value from your CRM. Gamification can encourage and reward the user behaviours you want, such as rewarding activities throughout the sales process, not just closing sales, so improving lead generation, lead nurturing and account management.

Read these Gamified CRM Case Studies to find out more:

Coast to Capital


Driving Sales

Voco Platform - Customer Engagement

Today’s customers primarily connect to the world via their mobile devices. Smartphones are access points allowing us to organise our lives, to connect with friends and colleague via social networks and to research and purchase products. Recognising this 3radical has designed the Voco platform to support a ‘mobile first’ approach.

Voco enables marketers to create gamified iOS and Android apps with minimal effort. Apps can be deployed in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months without requiring the technical resources or expense often associated with custom app development.​ Zizzi's (see below) were able deliver their app in just six weeks.

The resulting apps deliver unprecedented levels of engagement. This is thanks to the platform’s ability to deliver personalised challenges and rewards via the app channel. Rewarding consumers for engagement in this way has dramatic results, as Dell Singapore, DBS bank and Zizi's have found out.


DBS Bank

Dell Engage

Gamified MS SharePoint

We worked closely with our client and Microsoft Gold Partner, JFDI Consulting! The result of this great collaboration is a gamified SharePoint on-boarding system.

What is Microsoft Sharepoint​?

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft. It allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing and collaboration.​

How did Gamification+ and JFDI Consulting ​gamify SharePoint?

The aim of this project was to motivate users to explore and learn more about what SharePoint could do for them. We also wanted to make sure they know they can access the help icons at all times to get useful information. The way we accomplished that was by using classic gamification techniques like points, leveling up and badges to reward users and track their exploration of the system. We are also going to analyse user feedback and engagement data to further improve the on-boarding experience in the future.

JFDI's SharePoint On-Boarding system key elements:

  • Integrated help and site assistance
  • Dashboard which shows your overall level progress, alongside other in depth statistics
  • Leveling up system that gives feedback on the overall knowledge of the system
  • Awards and titles given once players access a various number of tips
  • Visually pleasing interface which makes the user level, trophies and awards easy to follow

Here is an example of the gamified SharePoint: