Gamification+ Chosen as Export Champions for South East


The Department for International Trade (DIT) recently announced that Gamification+ would be acting as Export Champions for the South East. This accolade involves Gamification+ being an example to businesses across the South East and promoting exporting as a profitable activity, especially as the uncertainty of Brexit looms.

On Friday 22ⁿᵈ Gamification+ founder and CEO Pete Jenkins was invited to the launch of the Export Champion program at Gatwick Airport. This honour was awarded to us in part because of our recent BOFTA award win. Our role as Export Champions has been hand picked by the UK Government and we believe we can have a meaningful impact on businesses seeking to begin their exporting journey. 

Pete Jenkins has said, "When we began exporting in 2015, I believed that Gamification+  could capitalise on the many opportunities that were available abroad. I am proud to see that this has proven fruitful, not just by our own measures, but also with the recognition by the government that we have made a significant economic contribution to the UK. We haven't always been exporters, but this prestigious title shows that any company is capable of making a dramatic impact."

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