Employee Rewards Focus Group

What rewards will really motivate your staff?

We run facilitated focus groups to discover what rewards will lead to higher levels of engagement and motivation:

  • Your employees to be more productive generally
  • Achieve their Key Performance Indicators
  • Your users to adopt a new system
  • Your users to engage with a system for the long term
  • Your employees to handle a change in company culture
  • Improve teamm cohesiveness and effectiveness

The key outcome of the focus group(s) will be a list of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards (ranked by their motivational effectiveness) that you can use for motivating staff. Examples of ideas generated include:

  • Time-off: Whole days; extended breaks; early and late finishes
  • Personal rewards: vouchers; gig tickets; holidays; lunch with the boss
  • Team rewards: team days out; team building; sports competitions; food and drink
  • Office upgrades: Coffee machine; games console; chill out zone; standing desks
Neil SeccombeManager

Targets smashed! Thank you.

User Focus Group Rewards Process

What we have discovered through running a lot of these focus groups is that the list of actual rewards is very specific to each group of people, varying because of their geographical location or their role. Some of the most motivating rewards have been ones you would not find on a standard list of rewards because they are personal to that individual or team. For example, some interesting rewards that have been requested include:

  • Day trip to an animal sanctuary
  • Add plants to the office
  • Pen holder for my desk
  • Choosing the Spotify playlist for the day
  • To pet an elephant
  • Day trip on the local canal
  • Mindfulness day


1/2 Day £500

We run one focus group for up to 15 people - you receive a report with motivational rewards ranked by psychological effectiveness

1 Day £900

We run three focus groups in one day, each for up to 15 people - you receive a report with all motivational rewards ranked by psychological effectiveness