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Efficy launch LinkedIn integration


LinkedIn Efficy IntegrationEfficy have certainly been busy making changes this summer all to make business that little bit easier for us.

The latest aid from Efficy is its integration with LinkedIn. This new integration allows you to search linked-in profiles starting from Efficy. It makes perfect sense as you can view their profile with just one click and gain information about their professional experience and interests.

LinkedIn started as a social network for professionals but it is much more than that now.  It has so many uses for businesses depending on what you want to use it for. It goes without saying that LinkedIn is an invaluable network building tool.  By conducting simple searches you can find thousands of experts in your field, service providers and potential clients. You can even use LinkedIn for recruitment. Yes technology is making every aspect of running a business easier, even the basics.

Does your business have a blog? Then why not use LinkedIn to promote it? As opposed to other social networking sites LinkedIn will target your professional contacts and serve the purpose of your business; to raise awareness and generate sales. This virtual community holds endless possibilities for your business. You can even gain recommendations, which are testimonials from your contacts. What better way to add credibility to your business or yourself?

So the integration of Efficy with Linked-in is a big deal! The LinkedIn profile of a contact from Efficy is added to the contact cards, which is visible in the private address section. By searching LinkedIn from Efficy the user can import a persons name, picture and link this to the profile page. The benefits of this integration apart from connecting you directly to LinkedIn are as follows: It allows you to stay up-to-date with contacts, new businesses, new services basically anything which is relevant to you and your business. To stay ahead of the game and maintain a successful business it is essential you are always one step ahead and well informed.  Keeping in touch with your contacts is made easier, it opens up new channels of communication and ways for you to introduce or be introduced to new contacts through ones you have already acquired.

The best part in my opinion is the photo integration. Being able to put a face to a name always makes things more real and they do say that a picture says a thousand words. With this integration you can import the picture from LinkedIn, Outlook or add it directly through Efficy interface. Its always nice to have a choice!

With everything together and endless benefits for business, there’s no excuse not to be integrated. Hopefully it is just the beginning of integrating all virtual information needed for our every day work lives. Perhaps Efficy could pioneer this? Lets hope so.

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