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Efficy goes Mobile


Efficy just keeps on making business easier for us and the features of the latest Efficy release are an example of this. The new features keep up with the demands of business users by including the following:

Efficy Mobile, Office XML Templates, Contact fields for social media (especially LinkedIn), Exchange Synchronization improvements and a few more.

Efficy Mobile is what particularly grabbed our attention at e-Advantage as being the most handy new feature for business people on the go. These days we are practically working in our sleep never mind on-the-go, so being able to access Efficy quickly from our mobile phone means that we wont miss out on task updates or lose touch with the office.

Efficy Mobile is what all Efficy users have been waiting for and what might just sway those on the fence into the Efficy world. Like any app it provides you with the core elements of the service which in this case are: My Day in Efficy, Contact and Company Consultation, Contact and Company Search, Agenda, Task list and it even allows you mark an action as done or not done whilst writing a note to the memo of the action. Basically there are no restrictions. You can work where you like and when you like with full accessibility to Efficy.

One nifty addition worth mentioning is the Nearby feature integrated into the Contact and Company Search feature. This feature allows for you to search for companies which are close to your current location. This could be particularly handy if you have a meeting with one client in a particular area where you have a few others. By being able to plan meetings in the same day you are optimizing your time and being a lot more productive. Without this nearby feature I bet a lot of us wouldn’t even know the location of our clients to one another.

So does it work? Quick answer: yes. It is compatible with a large number of mobile devices and integrates gracefully with the user interface of the operating system and native applications. It can be added to the home screen and displayed in full screen mode.

Fully functioning and practical what more could you want? If Efficy wasn’t already the best CRM system it sure is now.

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