Efficy 2012 Spring launched v7.0.2115


Efficy Spring 2012 New FeaturesWe are very pleased to announce that the new version of Efficy CRM has just been launched. This version is called Efficy 2012 Spring (v7.0.2115). We are now testing this version internally and will be offering it up to our existing and new clients shortly.

Superb new features include:

Efficy Places
Integration with Google Maps and Google Earth: View Companies’ location, export Query results and any list of entities containing addresses to Google Maps or Google Earth.

New User Selection Dialog
The selection window of users, groups and resources has been entirely reviewed. This feature includes the long-awaited for Expandable Groups.

Editable MAILS.TITLE field
The Subject of E-mails that you upload from your mail client, is read-only. The new field Title now remedies this.

Multiple Content Security Inheritance
Content entities (Actions, Documents, E-mails) can inherit the Securities from the Project they are linked to. This feature has been extended: any given module (e.g. Opportunities) can be configured to allow passing on its securities; and any given entity can be specified as a content entity (e.g. Products).

HighCharts Integration
The HighCharts graphical library is a light-weight component for creating nice, interactive graphical elements (line charts, pie charts etc) on the Efficy desktop or in any other Efficy page. The Efficy Administrator can create a number of graphical widgets that the end-users can activate in My Day in Efficy.

Better compatibility with Internet Explorer 9 and Safari
The upgrade to Mootools v1.3.2 enhances the compatibility with IE9 and Safari.

64-bit Sidebar and Outlook Add-Ins for Office 2010
The Add-in for the integration between 64-bit Office 2010 and Efficy is available.

Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2010
The Add-in for the integration between Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2010 and Efficy is available.

Apple Compatibility & Integration
The integration between Efficy and Entourage and Apple Mail has been enhanced.
Integration with Outlook 2011 SP1 for Apple.
Support for OS X 10.7 “Lion” and Firefox 10.

Maintenance Mode / Save and Load Web Server State
The Admin Console has a new Maintenance Mode with Save State/Load State functions, allowing maintenance on the web server without causing any data loss for the users.

Remote Efficy Monitoring (REM)
All Efficy applications now write not only to log files but also to a central REM database that can be consulted locally and remotely. Error conditions can be sent to a centrally monitored REM server.

This separate web server extension is meant for handling the requests that are not directly related to the Efficy database requests. Using a separate web server application for these requests will prevent Efficy from being slowed down by them.

Reset Default Security utility
Changing a group’s default security settings in the Efficy Designer only affects newly created records. The new Reset Default Security utility forces the new settings onto existing records.

200+ improvements and bug corrections
Besides the major features, over 200 improvements and corrections have been applied to the Efficy code base in all areas. See the document Efficy 2012 Spring List of Updates.

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