e-Advantage Solutions Ltd announces name change to GAMIFICATION+ LTD


The name change reflects our focus on using engagement techniques to build better relationships with customers and to increase the motivation of staff for improving adoption of new systems and enhancing processes.

Much More Than an IT Company

Why am I changing the name?  When the company was started, it was focused on bringing enterprise quality software products to small businesses cost effectively. The main thing I’ve learned over the years was that no matter what the product, it had to be easy to use in order to get used.

Just over 2 years ago we started working with a gamified CRM system (called Zurmo and recently rebranded as CRM.me) and we found that users found it much easier to adopt than any other business software system we’d seen. This led to users being productive faster, to them entering better quality data and then making better quality business decisions.

I soon took the gamification on a stage further and have been helping companies implement successful gamification strategies in many diverse industries. Please take a look at some short examples here: http://gamificationplus.uk/gamification-consultancy/

I am now the Chair of GamFed (the International Gamification Confederation) which supports best practices in the gamification industry and I am lecturing on gamification for business at undergraduate and post-graduate levels at the University of Brighton. For more information on where to hear me speak on gamification, or if you’re interested in attending a course to find out more, please visit: http://gamificationplus.uk/speaking/. There’s a one day course on using gamification for sales & marketing coming up in July, or you could sign up for a post-graduate module on gamification for business (running every Friday in September) and kick start a Masters or MBA with it.

It will take us a bit of time to fully transition all of our products and materials and social media listings to the new name, so the e-Advantage Solutions name will still linger in some areas.  Over time, we believe that you will like this new name as much as we do.  Welcome to GAMIFICATION+

Best regards,

Pete Jenkins

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Pete Baikins

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