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e-Advantage excited to be first UK Partner for Zurmo CRM


We are pleased to announce that Zurmo, Inc has partnered with e-Advantage Solutions Ltd as their first UK partner.

Zurmo, Inc, based in Chicago, has created an open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application called Zurmo CRM, which is built around the concept of Gamification. e-Advantage helps organisations in the UK implement and run CRM solutions to increase sales and keep their customers happy. e-Advantage was looking for a CRM system built around Gamification, rather than one having Gamification added as an afterthought.

Zurmo’s application is easy to use and easy to customise. e-Advantage is extremely excited about Zurmo and bringing it to organisations in the UK. Gamification is something that has been gaining more and more exposure and Zurmo looks to exploit this stating that “Gaming mechanics, training and guidance should be embedded in the application so people can accomplish their goals effectively.”

e-Advantage LogoPete Jenkins, Managing Director of e-Advantage Solutions, says “After 13 years working with technically excellent CRM solutions, I’m delighted to find an open source CRM package that is not just technically superb, but is so easy to use that it is also fun to use. End users are often put off using CRM because of the size and complexity of these systems. CRMs have thus been failing the end user for years. We believe Gamification can change this and help foster end user adoption of the application. Gamification is at the heart of Zurmo CRM and that is why we believe in it so much.”

Ray Stoeckicht, Zurmo co-founder states, “We have received a great deal of demand from the UK so having a partner that can resell and provide services is essential. e-Advantage is an innovative partner that has strong expertise with gamification, which positions them well to work with Zurmo customers. We are excited to have them join our partner program and look forward to deep expansion into the UK.”

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    We use Zurmo and would be interested to know if you provide training for the software along with relevant costs?

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