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Crunch – accountants and accounting software in one place


Crunch is a Brighton based accountancy firm providing a modern accounting solution for lucky types of small business.

Crunch combine accountancy software with a team of dedicated accountants to ensure you save time, money and most of all get your sums right! The crunch accounting software, also accessible through a mobile app, allows you to raise invoices, record expenses and see tax liabilities in real time. Crunch’s team of expert accountants use the software to go over their clients accounts to ensure any mistakes are picked up and corrected.

Included in the monthly subscription to Crunch’s service is the use of both the software and access to the team of dedicated accountants. Crunch’s team will be there to help you with routine HMRC, corporation tax & VAT enquiries, company shareholding advice, preparation & submission of year end annual accounts and give you guidance on withdrawing money from your limited company to name just a few.

Specifically tailored for freelancers, contractors and small businesses operating their own limited companies, Crunch could save your business a lot of money in accountancy fees. There are a few qualifiers which your business must fit in order to use Crunch’s tailored service which starts at an affordable price of £59.50/month.

Crunch’s mobile apps “Snap” and “Mile Cruncher” make claiming your expenses effortless, if you find yourself with a mountain of receipts at the end of every month then Crunch can help you! These free apps allow you to add expenses on the move, simply and easily. Switching to Crunch is also very easy with the support of their dedicated team every step of the way, more details can be found on the Crunch website. So if you’re looking for a new, efficient and cost effective accounting solution, why not contact Crunch?

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