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We would like to introduce you to xoomtalk, a cloud communications provider who offer bespoke VoIP solutions and super fast internet connections to a wide range of clients.  xoomtalk enable businesses to unlock the benefits that Hosted VoIP can bring by offering fully tailored solutions to fit any business requirement.

Rapid growth in the cloud services industry, coupled with recent successful exhibitions at Olympia and eXcel, means xoomtalk often experience periods of high demand for their services. xoomtalk’s existing CRM was not giving the sales team the feedback and information they needed, usage was dropping off and data was not kept properly updated.

This volume of leads and sales enquiries led them to seek out a new fully featured, customisable CRM system they could use to properly manage and track their sales pipeline. The new CRM had to be both easy to use whilst keeping  the sales team engaged throughout the entire process.

screenshot-kanbanImmediately‘s visual ‘Kanban’ presentation style highlighted some significant findings. It allowed Duncan (Sales Director) to see exactly where build ups in the sales pipeline were occurring, enabling him to then act on this information and drive sales through to completion.’s gamified features kept everyone engaged and made it clear and easy to focus on the right opportunities. Within two weeks there was a significant improvement at various stages of their pipeline.

“ made an immediate positive impact to our overall sale process.  It allows me to easily identify any areas that require additional resource to keep the pipeline flowing. The Gamification side certainly keeps everyone engaged and motivated, is a great CRM package with fantastic features. Every aspect can be customised, allowing us to capture the data we need, then turn this into reports and graphical displays on dashboards – an excellent USP!.” – Duncan French, Sales Director at xoomtalk

Duncan was extremely happy that, thanks to, they could now efficiently focus on the tasks in hand and properly track the progress of each opportunity. They could now collaborate on tasks and allocate each other various aspects of their sales process.

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