Customise Themes in Zurmo

My favourite colour is blue always has been and always will be. I’m a big Brighton and Hove Albion FC supporter and anyone that knows about them will know they play in the famous blue and white stripes (if you didn’t then you know now), So I thought gamification is all about having fun and if I can add a little aspect of something close to my heart then why not do it.

As you can see from the images below I’ve made my Zurmo Theme Blue and White. Why not customize your Theme to something that reminds you of something, whether it be your favourite colour or, like myself, your team’s colours.

To make these changes go into the Administration area, under User Interface Configuration, you can make your own custom theme for your users.

You can also force users to all use the same theme if you have that requirement as you can see in the below Screenshot.

Customising Theme

Original Theme:

Original Zurmo Theme

Custom Theme:

Custom Theme for Zurmo