with Gamification built in

Do you find that no-ones uses your CRM system to its full potential? A CRM is not meant to sit on a shelf. It should be put to work on helping you drive revenue and keeping your customers happy. It should help communication both internally and externally. It should be adapted to how your organisation does business. encourages usage; awarding badges and points allowing users to go up levels of skill. This is an important aspect of "Gamification" and is one of many features that sets apart from the rest. is simple, intuitive, easy to use and easy on the eye; a CRM system that WILL be used.

Gamification+ Ltd is the core provider of services in the UK. We've been working with since 2012, read on to answer: Why you should pick us to help you get started. Key Features:

  • Gamification - Scores, badges, achievements and statuses.
  • Contact Management - Full view of contact details, 360 view of accounts and lead management
  • Project Management - Have fun getting your projects completed on time
  • Activity Management - Latest activity widget, meetings, tasks, note and attachments all in one place.
  • Deal Tracking - Create and manage opportunities, monitor sales pipeline and measure probability of closure.
  • Office 365, Outlook and Gmail Integration - includes email archiving and complete bi-directional real time synchronization of Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks
  • User Security - Roles, groups, permissions and rights.
  • Data Security - Uses secure data centres, backups and disaster recovery (our UK and European customers are hosted in The Netherlands).
  • Personalise - Custom fields, layouts, tables and dashboards.
  • Customise - Look and feel, theme and logo
  • Internationalise - Real time currency conversion, language packs and multiple time zone support.
  • Integrations - Google Maps, email archiving and more.
  • On the Go - Tablet Ready, iOS ready and Android ready
  • Autoresponders - Improve your marketing and customer service with Autoresponders

Users can communicate internally via the chat, leave statuses about the work they are doing and constantly check how they are doing compared to their colleagues on the leader board.

Gamified elements such as the leaderboard, virtual goods, collections, missions and more really do help you get the most out of the system, keeping everyone using it on top form.

If you would like to know more about how could be the right fit for you then book a 20 minute call with us now: