– Autoresponders

Autoresponders are often seen and used by many of us. The most common being an "out of office" email or a failed delivery notification. This, however, is not the only way they can be used.

In email marketing autoresponders can be very handy things and has them built in to their email marketing system. The term is somewhat misleading as they are not always used to respond to emails. Autoresponders can also be used when there has been an action or change in state of a recipient, in other words the person who is going to receive the autoresponder has done something in order for it to be sent to them.

For example an autoresponder could be triggered when someone subscribes to something, fills out a form or even is approaching an event.

The moment the holiday is purchased and the details filled out online a series of autoresponders is triggered, they could look a bit like this:

Let's use an online travel agents as example. Imagine that a customer has just completed booking a summer holiday to Spain for himself and his family in 4 months time. How could autoresponders be used in this situation?

1) Thank you for your order! Please expect an email confirming all your details very shortly.
- Sent immediately when the order is placed

2) Great! Your order is confirmed here are all your details....
- Sent as soon as all details are confirmed

3) Have you thought about holiday insurance?....
- Sent 1 week after booking

4) Want to explore? Book various trips throughout Spain with us!
- Sent 1 month after booking

5) 2 months to go... If you have any questions about your holiday we are here to help!
- Sent 2 months after booking

6) 1 month to go... Have you got all the holiday essentials ready?
- Sent 3 months after booking

7) Have a great trip! Here is a list of useful numbers you may need whilst your away!
- Sent 3 and a half months after booking

The picture shows how autoresponders can be set in As you can see they can be extremely useful tools for up/cross-selling, giving advice, maintaining contact, informing and much more. To find out how you can start using autoresponders why not book a call for a 20 minute chat: